Haris Lambert was born in 1955 in New Zealand, of parents of Greek origin. In 1964, he returned with his family to Athens, after the death of his father, where he attended Greek high school. Immediately after leaving school, he went to London (1973) in order to study painting. He attended the Arts College of London University, and visited Japan for the first time, where he stayed for ten months. In 1974, he left for Paris, where, to begin with, he studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers Appliqués, and then went on to the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, where he graduated as a 'special talent' and with the highest commendation; he also received a prize from the French Artists' Association. He lived in Paris for a total of 11 years (1974 - 1985), having also attended, now as a graduate, the studio of Louis Nallard (one of the internationally established artists of the Cobra movement). From 1985 to 1996 he worked, exhibited his works, and lived in Japan. In 1996, he returned to Greece, where he has lived until the present, dividing his time between Athens and Tokyo. He is regarded as one of the chief exponents of pop art in Greece. 


Important milestones in his career as an artist 

In 1981 he presented, for the first time, 'New Pop Art' in Paris.
In 1987 he held his first exhibition of works of 'Spiritual Pop Art' (Tokyo, Madrid).
In 1992 he began to work on the 'New Renaissance'. He exhibited works in this group for the first time in 1993 in Cyprus (Nicosia), and, in the same year, at the International Foire in Japan (NICAF).
In 1996, in a group exhibition in Rome (Palazzo delle Esposizione), he exhibited his 'New Renaissance' works together with 'installations'. Here, for the first time, he combined in a unified way in these compositions video art with painting and black light, impressing internationally recognised art critics, who wrote very favourable articles about Lambert in large-circulation magazines and newspapers.
In 2009 he is exhibiting for the first time at the P. & M. Kydoniefs Foundation on Andros representative earlier works together with new works, covering his three idioms of expression, which he uses in parallel and is evolving.

Personal exhibitions (selection) 

1980 Jacob Gallery, Paris
1981 French Artists' Association, Paris, France
1982 Mukai Gallery, Tokyo
1983 Diagonal Gallery, Paris, France
1984 'Kottis - Lambert', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
1985 'Meet me tonight in Dreamland', Face Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1986 Stance Gallery, Yonago, Japan
1988 Parco Gallery, Sapporo, Japan
1988 Asacloth Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1990 Retrospective exhibition, Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo, Japan
1991 Ohkurayama Memorial Hall, Yokohama, Japan
1991 Asacloth Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1994 Diaspro Art Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus
1995 'Euphoria', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
1999 'Waiting for Love', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
1999 Kalfayan Gallery, Thessaloniki
2003 Romanzo Greco, Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
2004 'Odyssey in the Light', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
2004 'Women Only', Kalfayan Gallery, Thessaloniki
2006 'Odyssey in the Light', Tsichritzis Foundation, Athens
2007 Ellinogermaniki Aghoghi, Athens
2009 'Diaphanous Butterfly', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
2009 PLOES XV: 'Light of Earth and Sky', P. & M. Kydoniefs Foundation, Andros

Group exhibitions (selection)

1979-82      Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, France
1981 Beaux Arts Gallery, Paris, France
1982 'Four Young Artists', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
1983 Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge, France
1992 'Twelve Greeks', Madrid, Spain (exhibition of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
1993 NICAF (International Contemporary Art Fair), Yokohama, Japan
1996 'Nostos', Palazzo delle Esposizione, Rome, Italy
2004 'Tonight - Tonight', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
2004 'Summer Landscapes', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens
2004 Melina Mercouri Art Centre, Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Athens, Athens